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Rent House in Canada, rent apartment, rent a house, a large variety of rentals across Canada. Use our advanced search for a house, apartment for rent, condo rent, rent a townhouse, rent vacation house, garage for rent, basements for rent or room rent...

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Rent in Canada

Apartment for rent in Canada, rent house in the Canadian provinces, townhouse rental, condo's for rent, room for rent, garage.


Rent House offers free search for house rentals, apartment rentals, as well as condominium and townhouse rentals, a large variety of rentals in all the Canadian provinces.

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We offer several types of services:

  • free search for any types of properties listed on our website.
  • rental property ads for a minimum cost. Find discounts for the promotional ad link on top right.
  • banner ads for companies and professionals (real estate agents, mortgage brokers...). This is a very convenient service for the trade workers (painters, plumbers...) who do not have time to advertise their services. Select the province, the page and the place where you want your ad to be posted. Check the other options as well. More details on Add Banners.
  • free email notification service when a new rental ad is posted, customized to meet your search criteria.
  • search for rent using mobile devices
  • facebook and twitter accounts; if you like what you see on the website, feel free to tell your friends about the opportunities found on this rental site.

This is only a part of the rental searches offered by this website. In addition to the above, we offer a large variety of rentals in all the Canadian provinces.

The website is structured with the customer in mind, you will find an easy way to go to the city or town and have your selection for search.
You can have easy access to all the provinces and all the rental properties listed in our database.

  • Adult Living
  • Apartment rent
  • Basement
  • Beach Property
  • Bed & Breakfast
  • Boat House
  • Bungalow
  • Cabin
  • Commercial
  • Condo rent
  • Cottage
  • Duplex
  • Farm
  • Hotel
  • House rent
  • Lake House
  • Land
  • Loft
  • Main Floor
  • Mobile Home
  • Motel
  • Office Space
  • Parking Spot
  • Shared
  • Storage
  • Townhouse rent
  • Vacation Home
  • Villa
  • Warehouse

How to search on this website

  • select the province on the top left side of the menu, click on it and you will be directed to the next page.

Each province page offers:
  • search in the large cities featuring most of the rentals. These rentals cities are visibly listed and their number depends on the selected province. Depending on the province, you could find 2 - 16 city links.
  • fast search in small cities, including almost all the small cities from all the Canadian provinces. Smaller cities and towns usually have lower rental rates.
  • once on the search page of a large city, you will find a wide variety of options that will refresh the rental lists that are of interest to you.
    The home and apartment rental list will offer you the most important information regarding each listed ad. You may choose to read in further detail and to view the location of the selected rental property.

Feel free to use any of the services offered by our rental site.
Something that shoud be easy for someone who knows what they are doing.

We recommend you try several searches in different provinces. If you like how it works, or if you noticed something that you like or maybe dislike, feel free to send us your feedback, either on the blog page or via email.

This website will be visited daily by thousands of Canadian visitors as well as people who would like to come to Canada and are interested to rent a house or an apartment in Canada.

The group in charge with this website and its marketing, as well as with other websites directly supporting this website, is trying to do its best so this site will become one of the most visited search site for house rental and apartment rental in Canada.

The level of daily searches will equally please the people who advertise house and apartment rentals as well as those who have ads posted in banners. Everybody will benefit from the quality of services offered in the rental industry.

Among the multiple types of rentals you can find on this site, here are the most important:

Rental Prices

The prices for rental ads are currently free, the listing period of time is different depending on whether it is an apartment rental or a Bed & Breakfast. Bed & Breakfast ads appear for a whole year.

If you want to compare our prices with other websites, please check out other websites, ours is free.

  • no price for rental ad, property rental ad
  • prices for banner ads  (eg. images in the left and right side)

Opportunities and jobs

Rent House is open to partnership proposals and affiliated. Our website post special ads in different places, either through actual ads or banner ads. We trust that the quality of our services will meet our customer's requirements. We are also anticipating launching an affiliation program.

Rent House will cooperate with advertising companies in Montreal, Toronto, Calgary, Vancouver, as well as in other Canadian cities. Promoting at the community level is also another possible category considered by our website.

Rent a house, townhouse, condo, rent an apartment in Canada - easy and fast - using the rental property search on

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